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Technology we use

Since the founding of Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH in 2015 we have purposefully built our solutions on the foundation of functional programming. In effect we use Clojure and ClojureScript to take advantage of established platforms: the JVM and modern web browsers.

Along with the functional aspects of Clojure and building on top of the vast library ecosystems of Java and JavaScript, we are also heavily relying on the expressiveness of this Lisp language dialect.

Besides extensively making use of open source software, we also continuously evolve our own set of tools and libraries for the problem domains we’re working in. We unremittingly seek to improve our tool set (and our development processes), which allows us to further our main goal of being highly effective at making sustainable software solutions of good quality. Working with a small team and tackling challenging problems makes being productive a necessity for us. We believe using the best technology available plays a large role in achieving this.

Advocacy is important to us, we like to share our experiences and also learn from others working with Clojure: we host the Budapest Clojure Meetup at the end of every month.

A few of the outstanding software projects we rely on every day:

  • GNU/Linux / FreeBSD
  • PostgreSQL
  • Emacs (CIDER, Magit, Paredit, etc.)
  • Reagent (React interface)
  • nREPL
  • Google Closure Library
  • Figwheel
  • core.async
  • Nginx
  • Apache PDFBox / POI / HttpClient / Tomcat
  • docx4j
  • Jenkins

We deploy some solutions in a multitude of environments, but many of our projects run on Amazon Web Services taking advantage of EBS, RDS and various other services.

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