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Qurricula - Quality Management in Higher Education

Quality Management in Higher Education is as fascinating as it can be complex. Grabow & Kiss Software GmbH takes great pride in supporting the work of individuals who work to improve the quality of study programmes in Higher Education Institutions throughout Europe.

Benefits of automatization

Benefit from our integrated approach, which incorporates consultancy services on how to optimise Quality Management processes with the aid of state-of-the-art software solutions, bundled in our “Qurricula – Quality Management in Higher Education” application.


Qurricula delivers these benefits through an easy-to-use web application, secured by industry standard single sign-on technology. To meet all demands from the various kinds and sizes of university, three variations of Qurricula are available. It is possible to switch seamlessly between versions at any time.

Make accreditation processes easier

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Digital Programme Portfolios

Benefit from introducing a secure single source of truth with regards to conceptual specifications and details of study programmes. Programme Portfolios consolidate data about study programmes from a variety of sources in an easy to use interface, allowing for deriving insights from the data along with fine grained authorization management to allow for role specific access to and distribution of data.

Process Efficiency & Transparency

Save time in manual programme-related process steps like accreditation report creation by using state of the art technology to free up ressources for conceptual work. Also keep an oversight of process status with ease by using tracking features for responsibilities, timelines and milestones.

Putting the Data to Use

Demonstrate the impact of your Quality Management system by being able to track qualitative and quantitative meassurements in relation to efforts taken to address potential findings – always in relation to the Higher Education Institution’s quality criteria.

Make use of elaborate analysis features ranging from reports over interactive dashboards up to Artificial Intelligence-aided categorization of free text feedback provided by process stake holders or survey participants.

Course and module evaluation made simpler

How using Qurricula can help the processes:

Resolving student data inaccuracies before creating surveys

Allowing administrative and teaching staff to add individual items, to tailor surveys relevant to stakeholders

Increasing survey participation, and closing the evaluation loop for students

Conducting advanced quantitative and qualitative analysis and reporting of student responses, including sentiment analysis for open questions

Supporting cross-department and inter-institutional benchmarking

“Quality not only comes through regular measurements and surveys, but also a focus on communication and interaction between all parties involved, which is necessary to establish and develop a positive quality culture.”

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