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Quratio - Quality management in health care

As in many other areas, the structured and automatic processing of patient/customer feedback is increasingly becoming an integral part of Quality Management in the Healthcare sector. This processing covers a wide field of applications, ranging from Admission & Discharge surveying, Routine Diagnostics to Feedback & Complaint Management.

Optimize quality management processes

Benefit from our integrated approach, which incorporates consultancy services on how to optimise Quality Management processes with the aid of state-of-the-art software solutions, bundled in our “Quratio – Quality Management in Healthcare” application.

Admission & Discharge Surveying

Routine Diagnostic Procedures

Feedback & Quality Management

Complete software solution

for health care institutes

Quratio allows for

Admission & Discharge Surveying

To keep track and to be able to report on the proceeding of patients’ treatments the application of time series surveying is gaining more and more ground in the sector. Quratio allows to gathering data about patients’ conditions throghout the treatment and even after leaving the stationary care of the healthcare organisation.

This method allows for creating and end-to-end dataset about the respective treatment methods – starting with the patient making the first contact, repeated assessments while stationary treatment and recurring after-care data acquisition via either online or paper-based questionnaires.

Routine Diagnostic Procedures

Numerous conditions can be treated efficiently by applying routine diagnostic procedures throughout the entire healthcare organisation. Valuable time of physicians can be saved by establishing a process of assistant staff filling in symptom recording questionnaires together with patients and using software for a first assessment of the symptons and preparation of a suggestion for a treatment to be applied.

The phyisicians time is used most efficiently by making the decision whether to follow the suggestion or prescribing an individual treatment – freeing the practicioner from repetetive tasks which don’t require thorugh medical competencies.

Feedback & Quality Management

Issues can arise even in a well-organised healthcare provider and patients may be dissatisfied. To maintain high quality, it is important to address complaints as soon as possible, particularly with respect to maintaining the relationship of trust between patient and the healthcare institute. The “emotional after-care” for patients following a complaint and of course tackling the cause of the complaint are just as important healing the patient’s condition.

Quratio offers complaint management features to report, investigate, resolve and feed back to the patient in a highly effective way. Furthermore features are available to establish and monitor quality targets throughout the organisation and benchmark comparisons to be made.

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