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Our Network of Partners

Today, a strong and reliable contact network is of crucial importance, a fact that GKS is well aware of. Hence, the company is not only proud of its existing, long-lasting partnerships, but also its continuous (and successful) efforts to get in touch with new valuable contacts. Our most important partners are:

Our partners in Germany

Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH

Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH was founded in 1996 and manufactures the EvaSys Survey Automation Suite and the EvaExam Assessment Automation Suite – two standard solutions that have already been installed more than 1,500 times worldwide.

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GKS joined Germany’s Evaluation Society (DeGEval) at the beginning of 2018. DeGEval has been working since 1997 to bring together institutions and people to exchange information and views on evaluation on a professional level. GKS is a member of the Higher Education working group within DeGEval.

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GKS also joined the German Association for Educational and Academic Staff Development in Higher Education (dghd) in 2018. The Association offers a forum for studies and development in HE didactics, and takes up positions on important issues within this area.

Our partners in Switzerland

Electric Paper Schweiz GmbH

Electric Paper Schweiz GmbH is an Electric Paper Evaluationssysteme GmbH reseller and supplier of the EvaSys Survey Automation Suite and EvaExam Assessment Automation Suite for organisations located in Switzerland.

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By setting evaluation standards and competence requirements within evaluation, SEVAL’s objective is to further professionalise evaluation in Switzerland and to promote high quality evaluations. GKS has been a member of SEVAL since 2018.

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Our partners in the UK

Electric Paper Ltd

Electric Paper Ltd

Electric Paper Ltd within the UK and Ireland is one of the most important partners for GKS. It provides evaluation and assessment solutions through EvaSys and EvaExam. GKS has developed a range of solutions that integrate with EvaSys to support online evaluation in particular, and help harvest data insights.

More information about this partner is available at

Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd

Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd is an English company headquartered in Manchester. Our industry-specific Business Intelligence packages are based on the Intuitive Dashboard Technology developed by this partner.

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