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Measuring what seems immeasurable – Impact Academy

One of the biggest challenges for charitable NGOs and support organisations is to present the quality of their work in numbers as well. Within the Impact Academy, Grabow & Kiss Software Kft. and a network of experts are helping NGOs overcome this very hurdle.

In the social sphere in particular, clients´ problems and their solutions are often highly individual and unique. At first glance, it really seems almost impossible to measure these highly subjective solutions and successes objectively. But thanks to new approaches in Impact Measurement (IM), there are now sustainable and reliable solutions to quantify quality measures. The Impact Academy is guiding ten NGOs on the path to these solutions. The expert knowledge is provided by IM expert Gábor Lévai, Civil Support, while Grabow & Kiss Software provides the technical support for conducting the necessary evaluations. Together they enable the NGOs to evaluate their own work, to identify weak spots and to use their strengths even more efficiently.

For more information about Impact Academy please click here.

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