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Applied Knowledge – 2019 ACQUIN member conference

Approximately two years ago, GKS began to look deeper into fields like system and programme accreditation. Together with Heidelberg University, we developed a software solution that has now grown into an independent industry solution: Qurricula, which will be introduced at the 2019 member conference of ACQUIN, the Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute.

ACQUIN is working internationally with approximately 170 HEIs and universities. Together with other accreditation agencies, they work for towards the standardisation and comparability of international educational standards. GKS company founder Wolfgang Grabow is set to speak for the first time at ACQUIN’s annual member conference. One of the topics will – of course – be the house software Qurricula, whose development was supported by ACQUIN through a workshop and professional feedback. Wolfgang will of course not be the only one speaking about digitalisation in education. Another speaker will be Professor Handke, whose contribution is also highly anticipated by GKS, given his expertise in the field of digitalisation in higher education.

Wolfgang will be happy to answer questions regarding Qurricula (or other topics) on the spot or at an appointment scheduled in advance, which you can book here.

ACQUIN member conference
6th May 2019, Bamberg, Germany

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